Assistant Manager

Nature and Scope

The Assistant Manager (AM) trains and works closely with the General Manager (GM) and Construction Managers (CM’s) to ensure effective, profitable operations through efficient deployment of organisational talent and skills and consistent implementation of K2’s operating procedures and policies. The AM assists in planning, directing and controlling the activities of K2 to ensure operating efficiency and enhance K2’s overall performance. This includes day-to-day Contract Management, Client Care and Client Communications needed to provide high quality homes, on time and on budget. This opportunity may lead to promotion and the opportunity to acquire equity in K2

Major Responsibilities


  • ‘Lives’ the K2 Vision, Mission and Values in all activities undertaken.
  • Works with the GM and CM’s to meet or exceed K2’s short and long-term objectives.
  • Transforms mentored knowledge into role modeling and exemplary practices (monitoring performance, managing contracts, communicating clearly and concisely, providing feedback and recognition) to inspire, create and maintain exemplary K2 team, customer, and supplier relations.
  • Provides direction and support to facilitate work performance to the Production Schedule and K2 standards / procedures.
  • Brings a relentless focus on efficiency, effectiveness, economy and quality. Drives established systems and standards forK2’s homebuilding operations, and consistently delivers best-in-class performance.


  • ô°€Provides direction and support to facilitate work performance to the Production Schedule and K2 standards / procedures.
  • ô°€Transforms mentored knowledge into role modeling and exemplary practices (monitoring performance, managing contracts, communicating clearly and concisely, providing feedback and recognition) to inspire, create and maintain exemplary K2 team, customer, and supplier relations.
  • ô°€Works with the GM and CM’s to meet or exceed K2’s short and long-term objectives.
  • ô°€â€˜Lives’ the K2 Vision, Mission and Values in all activities undertaken.
  • ô°€Establishes and maintains clear communications channels: (a) Internally with GM, CM’s and all Clients; (b) Externally with suppliers, sub-contractors, local planning and inspection authorities, Work-Safe BC.
  • Confirms and provides client selections to facilitate the completion of work per K2’s procedures and schedule.
  • ô°€Attends meetings with GM and/or staff as needed. Reviews projects’ outlook with CM’s and updates project progresswith GM. Attends meetings with GM and shareholders to review and approve capital investments.
  • Develops and maintains strong, productive supplier & sub-contractor relationships. Communicates K2’s quality & performance standards to all suppliers & sub-contractors. Develops & promotes teamwork and internal integration;
  • Serves as the K2 contact for customers, from bidding-contracting phase through to completion and warranty phase.
  • Directs client inquiries to the appropriate contact for prompt, complete, and accurate responses/action/service. Advocates for the homeowner by coordinating customer care activities with the construction team to ensure K2 provides industry-leading best client care and service.
  • Uses K2-Co-construct web portal system as a key tool to manage and document communications.


  • Bidding-contracting phase:
  • Compiles relevant information (prospective client information, plans, specifications, site conditions, sub-contractor and supplier bids, K2 internal estimates etc.) Prepares cost summaries, contract proposals, construction agreements and other documents for GM review prior to presentation to prospective client. Sets up client’s K2-Co-construct web portal with relevant documents. Manages information exchange thorough ongoing client communications and updates.
  • ô°€Start-up phase:
    Obtains plans, HPO registration, engineering, survey and all required documents. Applies for and obtains building permits. Awards sub contracts, confirms liability insurance and Work-Safe BC registrations are current. Adds notes and details to approved plans and creates site copy. Visits site to prepare for project start.
  • Foundation, Framing, Mechanical, Exterior finish, Drywall and Interior finishing phases:
    Manages client, trades and supplier information exchange using K2-Co-construct web portal, including photo updates and construction assemblies requiring clarification. Attends weekly (or as required) on/off-site meetings with CM and client to update client’s showroom selections by entering revised supplier quotes, and entering client final choices upon approval. Clarifies and confirms selections with CM’s, trades and suppliers. Orders showroom selection items such as windows, exterior doors, plumbing & lighting fixtures, fireplaces, floor coverings, tile-work, cabinets and countertops. Obtains reports from building inspectors, engineers, surveyors and other consultants as required. Ensures that homes are built to specifications and client selections established by construction drawings, design changes, and upgrades. In collaboration with CM’s, evaluates materials and workmanship quality control through regular inspections and spot checks. Monitors construction progress and schedule through regular reviews with CM’s. Posts progress reports and updates schedules as needed.
  • Completion phase:
    Notifies client of completion phase procedures, arranges and attends final inspections with client and CM. Posts list of any outstanding items or deficiencies. Obtains Occupancy Permit and all required completion documents. Prepares client Owner’s Manual, and attends final meeting for presentation of keys and final payment.


􏰀 Assists in Implementation of K2’s 10-step marketing plan.

    • ô°€Demonstrates and leverages the competitive advantages of the K2-Co-construct system as an effective and efficient interface with clients;
    • Tracks and reports sales. Acts as the K2 liaison with realty sales representatives, design consultants, etc.

Financial Administration

  • Manages cost controls: enters bids and cost estimates into K2-Co-construct budget format. Updates revised budgets as needed to reflect client selections. Approves and codes invoices, works with bookkeeper to process and pay invoices each month. Updates client costs and processes change orders. Ensures that K2’s effective systems, procedures and cost control systems are followed and maintained.

Knowledge Skills and Experience

Education: University or College Diploma in Business management or Construction management or equivalent combination of post-secondary education and work experience and/or:
Experience: Minimum 5 years of diversified and successful applicable experience in the Homebuilding industry.


  • Demonstrated proficiency with MS Word and Mac OS;
  • IT experience, able to quickly learn and use K2-Co-construct web-based management system;
  • Excellent communication, leadership, people management & presentation skills. including the ability to motivate;
  • Excellent problem solving capabilities, along with the ability to maintain composure and control;
  • Skills in building relationships with a broad network of contacts;
  • Highly developed organizational skills, detail orientation and time-management ability;
  • Professional personal appearance and tactful, polished demeanour.

Essential Leadership Competencies

Decision Quality Motivating Others Customer Focus Planning and Details Teamwork Drive for Success Action Orientation Goal Setting

Internal: Daily interaction with GM and CM. External: Regular interaction with suppliers, trade sub-contractors, government authorities, outside consultants such as designers, surveyors, engineers, and most importantly, clients.


Office work (initially 50%) with GM normally requires a low level of Physical Effort. On site manual work (initially 50%) requires a high level of Physical Effort including bending, lifting, and manual dexterity. Mental Effort: High level of mental effort in reading, creating written documentation, meeting deadlines, problem solving, handling multiple demands and repetitive tasks, amid occasional interruptions and distractions. Visual Effort: A moderate level of Visual Effort in operating I pad, I phone, desktop computer, large format printer.

Working Conditions

Works approximately 1⁄2 time in an office environment with travel to construction site meetings regularly. Works approximately 1⁄2 time on-site with CM’s and construction crews to physically erect structures, study and learn K2’s on-site construction methods and trades work sequences. (The office work component will grow over time, while the on-site work will be reduced.) Generally works Mondays to Fridays on a variable work schedule averaging 40 hours per week, or as many as required to fulfill role responsibilities and to provide adequate support to maintain Company budgets and volume.


  • "K2’s record for delivering the construction “trifecta”: Cost, Quality, Schedule was proven again on our project."
    Mark and Lisa Liudzius

  • "K2's transparent business model, which included convenient, interactive software and weekly progress meetings, kept us informed and involved."
    Paul Hagler and Carol Boliek

  • "They guided us and offered incredible advice along the way that made the process of building our home feel secure and enjoyable."
    Bridger and Lulu Schmidt

  • "In a time where building costs went out of control due to Covid, K2 brought us home on time and on budget."
    Michael and Jacqui Hamilton

  • "We are very honoured to be able to speak on behalf of K2 and their sub trades; They excel in every aspect of a construction project!"
    David and Lynn George

  • "K2’s attention to detail and workmanship is second to none, as are their organizational and communication skills."
    Wayne and Maureen Moore

  • "The communication throughout the entire project was very clear, organized and efficient. The on-line system was absolutely fantastic"
    Mark Sanders and Laura McLean

  • "Seamless customer support and cross collaboration between K2 members also ensured the project stayed on budget and schedule."
    Drew and Jane Cudlip

  • "If you want a first class builder, then K2 is the go-to builder for you."
    Dr Graham Fishburne

  • "Both the process and the end result confirmed for us that we made the right choice. Our house was delivered on time and on budget, and we love the finished product."
    Robert and Lee Bowman