Testimonial: Drew and Jane Cudlip

So impressed with K2!
Their forethought and terrific project planning skills ensured all critical project materials were ordered well in advance avoiding potential lengthy delays due to the outbreak of the global pandemic – COVID19. Not an easy task during such uncertain times.
Seamless customer support and cross collaboration between K2 members also ensured the project stayed on budget and schedule.
All K2 employees and sub-trades were extremely skilled, knowledgable and helpful in providing creative and innovative solutions. They all go above and beyond!

Creative thinking balanced with extensive experience, skill and practical application – the K2 team has it all!
We were delivered a very high quality home on schedule and on budget.
Our ‘Thanks’ to the complete K2 team!


  • "K2’s record for delivering the construction “trifecta”: Cost, Quality, Schedule was proven again on our project."
    Mark and Lisa Liudzius

  • "K2's transparent business model, which included convenient, interactive software and weekly progress meetings, kept us informed and involved."
    Paul Hagler and Carol Boliek

  • "They guided us and offered incredible advice along the way that made the process of building our home feel secure and enjoyable."
    Bridger and Lulu Schmidt

  • "In a time where building costs went out of control due to Covid, K2 brought us home on time and on budget."
    Michael and Jacqui Hamilton

  • "We are very honoured to be able to speak on behalf of K2 and their sub trades; They excel in every aspect of a construction project!"
    David and Lynn George

  • "K2’s attention to detail and workmanship is second to none, as are their organizational and communication skills."
    Wayne and Maureen Moore

  • "The communication throughout the entire project was very clear, organized and efficient. The on-line system was absolutely fantastic"
    Mark Sanders and Laura McLean

  • "Seamless customer support and cross collaboration between K2 members also ensured the project stayed on budget and schedule."
    Drew and Jane Cudlip

  • "If you want a first class builder, then K2 is the go-to builder for you."
    Dr Graham Fishburne

  • "Both the process and the end result confirmed for us that we made the right choice. Our house was delivered on time and on budget, and we love the finished product."
    Robert and Lee Bowman